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Hob's Hall
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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Fenella's New Potions

Its been a rather dull bank holiday in UK, was rather bored of it so set too, making some potions up for Fenella, i then printed off labels and put them in some of the bottles ive been collecting and changed some of the lids and tops. A lovely friend in USA had sent me some small off cuts of leather and suede so it all came in very useful.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Fenella say morning everyone and thankyou all for following my blog, its very wet today here in Hobbs Hollow Village, not nice at all, wheres the summer please, i need sun to grow my marvellous tomates, the mushrooms are growing very well, they love it damp.
Thought i d show you all my desk today, i have a lovely Dragon on a book and a scrool, a letter set, a candle and another scroll from the lovely Nicky Cooper.
Have a lovely weekend peeps its Bank Holiday in UK so might know it would be a wet one. Off to fly on my broom now.PS did you know Witches love dust!!!